Sunday, August 30, 2009

Can money buy happiness?

There's an old saying, "Money doesn't buy happiness". My response to this used to always be, "I'd love to give it a try!"Whilst that has never happened (I live comfortably, but definitely don't consider myself flushed with money) it has got me wondering if the saying is true - does money really equal happiness?

Looking at friends of mine who could be considered to be 'well off', I believe that the source of their happiness does not come from their material possessions - even if they strongly argue otherwise! One friend of mine drinks only the best wine, but it is not the wine that makes him happy, it is the act of sharing it with friends. Another has a rather expensive SUV, but the real happiness comes not from the car, but from the joy of taking her family to the beach.

Whilst these people may be under the illusion (ok, they may argue the point quite strongly to justify their purchases!)that it is the wine or the SUV causing their happiness, I beg to differ. I put it to them that if you take away the posessions, take away the expensive wine, take away the SUV, you still have the source of your happiness - time with friends and family!

I like to view possessions as an accessory to happiness - great if you have them, but not essential!

I put it to you - Can money buy happiness?

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  1. Nope but you can't really be happy until you really believe this! :)